Indonesia Name: Hidrogen
English name: Hydrogen
Atomic symbol: H
Atomic number: 1
Inventor: Henry Cavendisk
Year found: 17
Inventor countries: England
Period of relative atomic: 1.00794
Oxidation number: 1
electron configuration: 1 S1
Boiling Point: 20.28 K
Melting point: 13.81 K
Period types: 0.0899 g/cm3
Crystal structure: heksagional
Electronegativity: 2.10
Atomic radius: 2.08A0
The atomic volume: 14.10 cm 3 / mol
Konvalensi Radius: 0.32A0
Enthalpy of vaporization: 0.4581 kJ / mol
Enthalpy of formation: 0.00585 kj / mol
Electrical conductivity: –
Thermal conductivity: 0.1815 Wm-1K-1
Color: not colored
Period: 1
Groups: IA
Group name: Alkali
Form: Gas
Types of elements: non-metallic
Origin of the elements: the natural elements
Benefits: recovering metals from their compounds such as tungsten


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