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Cation anion flame reaction

literature: Qualitative Analysis Vogel

A. With Ni-Cr wire

Little substance is dissolved in concentrated HCl on a watch glass, then dip the Ni-Cr wire which has a net and then burn it over the flame of oxidation, observe the flame color arising:

Yellow: Na

Red: Li

Red Karmin: Sr

Red Yellow: Ca

Purple: K (use glass Cobalt)

Green: Cu, Borat

Green Yellow: Ba

Blue Gray: Mg, Pb, As, Sn, Sb and Fi

2. Beilstein flame reaction

Copper wire which has a clean, dipijarkan over the flame until the flame of oxidation of the green is gone, dip it in substance and perikasalah flame going. If there is halogen, then there is a green flame.

3. Nyala reaction to Borat

In a porcelain cup, a little solid concentrated sulfuric acid is added, then a few drops of methanol, and kindle in the dark. If there are borates, will form a green flame.

– Esterification ® Methyl Borate



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