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Intravenous infusion

Literature: Indonesia Pharmacopoeia III

Intravenous infusion

Intravenous infusion is a sterile dosage form of the solution or emulsion, and pyrogen-free as possible is made isotonus of blood, injected directly into a vein in a relatively large volume. Emulsion made with as much water out of phase. Phase in diameter should be no more than 5 μm. Unless otherwise stated. Interavenus infusion must not contain bactericidal and buffer substances. Solution for intravenous infusion should be clear and practically free from particles.
Emulsion for intravenous infusion, once shaken, should be homogeneous and show no phase separation.


Net volume. Move the contents of the container into the measuring tube is clean and dry. Measuring the volume of not less than face value.
Terms of injection. Meet the requirements stated in the injectiones injection.
Storage. In single-dose container.



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