Literature: Indonesia Pharmacopoeia III


Cream is a semisolid dosage form of an emulsion containing water no more than 60% and is intended for external use.
There are two types of cream, cream type oil-water and water-oil type cream.
Stability. Cream damaged, if the disturbed system is mainly due to changes in temperature of the mixture and composition changes due to the addition of one phase to excess or mixing two types of cream if emulsifier is not mixed with each other.
Dilution creams can only be done only if it is known that a suitable diluent performed with aseptic technique.
Cream that has been diluted should be used within one month.
Emulsifier. Selection of the emulsifier should be tailored to the type and nature of the cream of your choice.
As an emulsifier can be used emulgid. Wool fat, setaseum, setilalkohol, stearilalkohol, trietanolaminil stearate and sorbitan group, polysorbate, polietilglikol, soap.
Preservatives. Commonly used methyl paraben 0.12% and 0.18% propyl paraben or 0.02% to 0.05%.
Storage. Either in a sealed container or tube, in a cool place.
Tagging. Should also be indicated on the label ” Topical”.


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