Diposkan pada Analist, Farmakope IV, Monografi umum


Literature: Indonesia Pharmacopoeia IV


Gel, sometimes called jelly, a semi-solid system consisting of a suspension made of small inorganic particles or large organic molecules, penetrated by a fluid. If the gel mass consists of tiny particles that separate network, the gel is classified as a two-phase system, (eg Gel Aluminium Hideroksida). In the two-phase system, if the size of the dispersed particles are relatively large two-phase, gel mass is sometimes expressed as the magma (eg Bentonite Magma). Both the gel and can be tiksotropik magma, forming a semi-solid and a liquid if it is left on your shuffle. The preparation should be shaken before use to ensure homogeneity and it is listed on the label (see suspension).

Single-phase gels consist of organic macromolecules homogeneous dispersed in a liquid such that no visible bond between macro molecules are dispersed and fluid. Single-phase gels can be made of synthetic macromolecules (eg carbomer) or natural gums (eg tragacanth). The preparation is also called musilago tragacanth. Although these gels usually contain water, ethanol and oil can be used as a carrier phase. For example, mineral oil can be combined with a polyethylene resin to form an oily ointment base.

Gel can be used for a given drug is typically inserted into a hole or the body.




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