Diposkan pada Analist, General monograph, Pharmacopoeia III, Pharmacopoeia IV


Literature: Indonesia Pharmacopoeia III,
Indonesia Pharmacopoeia IV


Indonesia Pharmacopoeia IV


Tablets are solid preparations containing the drug, with or without filler material. Based on the method of manufacture, can be classified as a tablet printing and tablet-felts.

Most of tablets prepared by compression and the dosage form is the most widely used. Tablet-felts are made with a high pressure on powders or granules using a steel mold. Tablets can be made any size, shape and tagging the surface depends on the design of the mold. Tablet is a capsule form generally called caplets. Bolus is a large tablet is used for animal drugs, usually for large animals.

Tablet print made by pressing damp powder masses with a low pressure into the mold holes. tablet density depends on the crystal bonds formed during the subsequent drying process does not depend on the strength of a given pressure.

Tritural Tablet is a tablet-shaped small …>>>read more






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